Banemore's History

The "Banemore" Hereford Stud is a direct offshoot of the well-known "Nayook" Stud, Mt. Gambier, S.A. In January 1981 the Nayook Stud and Herd were dispersed and David and Judi Jenkin brought 2/3 of the Nayook Stud to Banemore. The stud breeders in Banemore now total 130.

The Nayook Stud was founded in 1956 with the purchase of foundation females from the first South Boorook Sale. Females were then purchased from Muduney, Loralong (a direct offshoot from Ardno), Midgeon and Appleton.

The Stud grew slowly until 1964 when it was rigidly culled from 70 to 40 for poor milkers and shy breeders. This formed a good basis to commence performance recording in 1965 in liaison with Ron McNeil of the SA Department of Agriculture.

In May 1978 the complete breeding herd of the Marcus Oldham Agriculture College, Geelong, was purchased. This was a boost to the gene pool with the blood lines from Ardno, Glentrevor, Bona Vista and South Bukalong.

In June 1980 Nayook purchased the complete Andarr Stud from J.R. & M. Maney, Mount Schank. This Stud was founded on Nayook females with the South Bukalong Jack (by South Bukalong Cluacas).

2000 – Semen package of Courallie Pompeii purchased together with Courallie Tacoma.

2001 – Purchased semen package of Injemira Grand National U570 top price at Injemira sale & purchased by Courallie. A 1/4 interest of Wolbull Cannon (Poll Hereford) was purchased. This bull is a real "curve bender" with +1.0 for BWT, +21 for Milk, +73 Final WT & +4.2 for EMA. Eulameet have possession of Cannon.

2002 – Purchased semen package of Yarram Park Pompeii V55 & Coora Canmooweal.

2003 – Purchased at Injemira final sale semen package of HH Advance 3021C A balanced top performer.

2004 – Semen package was obtained from the Pearce fafmily North End Herefords. A top son of COORA Governor - NEP X061. EBV’s +4.9 Bwt +16 Milk +50 400 day +79 600 day +3.6 EMA.

Banemore purchased Injemira Grand National X374 for $12,500 – a top indexing son of Lyon bank Grand National.

2005 – Purchased semen package of Pine Hill. Erich –Top indexing Poll Bull 2005. Also purchased semen of Dundee Fremantle - New stud sire at Injemira.

2006 – Semen package purchased from Greenvalley of South Bukalong Wallace (Poll Hereford). 5 Poll Hereford cows and calves purchased from the South Bukalong dispersal.

2007 – Extensive embryo program with Allendale National & South Bukalong Shannon as the sires (both poll).

2008 – Embryo program carried out with Koanui Rocket the donor Sire.

AI Program – Poll Hereford bulls used were Wirruna top performing curve benders, Wirruna Abercom and Wirruna Abracadabra.

Hereford Bulls used were the Grand Champion bull at Wodonga in 2008, Mawarra Trail Blazer and Banemore North End A24 AI and Banemore North End A14 AI.

2009 – Semen package of No. 1 indexing bull Wirruna Commander (by Koanui Rocket) was used. The AI bull Wirruna Commander was leased for the mating period to join to our great line of poll heifers. Other AI bulls were the proven Banemore North End A024 and Banemore Lottery.

2011 – Banemore purchased Super Sire, Wirruna Callan C26. Banemore purchases with Richard Archer Quamly Plains, Longford, TAS for $18,500. Callan C26 is a proven four year old homozygous sire. Banmore has year old progeny by this sire. All show good growth muscling colour and docility.

2012 - AI sires included Allendale Waterhouse, Wirruna Daffy D1 and Wirruna Echuca E99.

2013 - AI sires included Yavenvale GURU (Top Price 2013 Sale) and Wirruna Flannigan.

2014 - AI sires included Allandale Anzac, Banemore Echuca H16 (P) & Wirruna Hernando H47 (P).

2015 - AI sires purchased from Mt Difficult dispersal - & top Elite sires from Kaye Payne.

2016 - AI sires included were Wirruna, Kalimna, K327, Wirruna Fort, Allendale Anzac & Yavenvale Kahuna.

2017 - AI sires included were Wirruna Fort, Wirruna Kalimna, K327 & Injerima Anzac H006