Banemore Hereford's Achievements.

2019 – Nev Flo (Young family), Kevin and Ben Mibus, and Alan and Debbie Millard all sold Banemore bred steer weaners at average $1000+.

2018 – Jan and Judi Marshman sold Banemore bred steers for $1240 (376c per kg).

2018 – Nayook South sold 94 steers at average $1029.

2017 – Nayook South sold 134 steers at average $1100.

2017 – Banemore were finalists in the Stock & Land Heifer Challenge.

2017 – Alan and Debbie Millard topped the Casterton Hereford weaner sale with $1395 for Banemore bred weaners.

2016 – Nayook South sold 157 eight-month steers by Banemore progeny for an average of $1311. 

1997-2012 – in the Hamilton Beef Expo era Banemore excelled, consistently winning championships in both Pen of Bulls and steer competitions.

2013 – Banemore joins two other herds for 5 star Breedplan completeness.

2003 – progeny of Banemore Pompeii top sale prices and averages at Yanenvale and Courallie, selling to $15,000.

1997 – Winners in the Seedstock Producers of the Year competition, south western division.