Banemore Hereford's Achievements.

2017 Nayook South sold 134 Banemore bred steers to average $1100

2017 Alan and Debbie Millard topped the Casterton Hereford weaner sale at Casterton with $1395 with Banemore bred weaners

2016 Nayook South sold 157, eight month EU steers by Banemore progeny for an average of $1311 

2016 Hamilton's Good Shepherd College Banemore steer scored maximum points for EMA at the 2016 Melbourne Royal

2015 Emmanuel College scored highest EMA in its class with a Banemore Steer at the Royal Melbourne Show

2014 Emmanuel College scored 86 points with a Banemore Steer at the Royal Melbourne Show

2013 Banemore joins two other herds for 5 star Breedplan completeness

2012 Hamilton Beef Expo – Banemore wins the Pen of Bulls Hereford section, Champion Hereford Carcass and first prize for the Heavy Weight section on hook (all breeds)

2011 Hamilton Beef Expo - In the steer competition Banemore achieved 1st and 3rd in the Light Weight section and 3rd in the Heavy Weight section. Competition was of a high standard and represented many other breeds including South Devon Angus, Shorthorn Angus and Murray Grey. In the carcass evaluation Banemore achieved 3rd in the Heavy Weight class, achieved the highest scoring Hereford carcass and consequently was awarded the RJ Morgan Perpetual Cup. In the Pen of Bulls competition Banemore achieved the winning Hereford and Poll Hereford in all sections and was awarded the Champion Best British Breed Single Bull, with 2011 sale bull Lot 2 - Banemore Northend E106

2010 Hamilton Beef Expo – Banemore won the Grand Champion Carcass for All Breeds with an incredible score of 92 points. Banemore was awarded the individual Champion British Breed Bull in the Pen of Bulls competition with Banemore Northend D36

2009 Hamilton Beef Expo – Winners in all Hereford pens and Reserve British Breed Individual Champion

2008 Hamilton Beef Expo – Winners in the Supermarket section Pen of Bulls

2007 Hamilton Beef Expo – Grand Champion Carcass all breeds

2006 Hamilton Beef Expo – Winners in all three classes for Herefords

2005 Hamilton Beef Expo – Winners in all three classes for Herefords

2005 weaner sales see Banemore progeny excel – Nayook South, Mt. Gambier, top Hereford pen $720. R & W Clarke $800 at Wodonga. Top price at Casterton includes Blink Bonnie $680, Pat Chapman Glenside $685, Curramulka $642 and Red Hill $664.

2004 Hamilton Beef Expo – Champion British Breed Pen of Bulls

2003 saw progeny of Banemore Pompeii top sale prices & averages at Yanenvale & Courallie, selling to $15,000

2002 weaner sales saw progeny of Banemore’s bulls achieve outstanding results. 180 steers offered (total drop) by Nayook South, Mt Gambier, saw an average of $670 with calves selling to 227 cents per kg. At the Wesfarmer’s weaners sale in January the equal Hereford top price of $665 sold on behalf of Blink Bonnie, Lake Mundi. Account Curramulka of Casterton sold 85 steers for an average of $632

2002 Beef Expo – Exhibited runners-up in all sections of the Pen of Bulls. 1st on hook in Heavy Weight Hereford Steer section

2001 Hamilton Beef Expo – exhibited the equal Champion Pen of Bulls & Champion Hereford Carcass

2000 Hamilton Beef Expo – exhibited Grand Champion Export Carcass & Reserve Champion of Pen of Bulls

2000 – 56 Yearling steers & heifers were sold to Hereford Prime & were purchased by Peter Boucher, Butcher for David Jones, Melbourne outlets

1999 – 30 Banemore steers at 14 months achieved 4 star average for MSA grading

1999 Hamilton Beef Expo – Banemore steers achieved 1st & 2nd On Hoof, Reserve Champion in the Hereford section and 2nd in the Hoof Open Class

1998 Hamilton Beef Expo – exhibited the champion Pen of Herefords, judged by Ian Watson of Injemira

1997 Hamilton Beef Expo – 1st & 2nd On Hook Heavy Weight section for Herefords (NB: did not exhibit bulls)

1997 Certificate of excellence seed stock award